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Changing Communities Through Affordable And Reachable Housing With Gary Rahman

  Everyone should be afforded stable and affordable housing. Making it his mission, Gary Rahman founded a successful residential and commercial real estate company in Washington, DC, where he is changing communities by developing housing for low to medium-income families. In this...... Read More

Personal Leadership With TSN Host James Duthie

  Leadership doesn’t always have to mean standing in front of a team making a speech; sometimes, it just means being a good example. This is what TSN host James Duthie learned in his years as a sports broadcaster for Canadian television. James hosts...... Read More

A Leader’s Guide To Teams And Working Groups With Andrew Neitlich

  If there is one great area that this pandemic is testing us, it would be leadership. When we are all working all over the place remotely, how do we reorganize ourselves and establish each of our roles and help...... Read More

Writing Rules That People Will Follow With Lewis S. Eisen

  We always hear the quote, “rules are meant to be broken.” Consequently, people have been living by that, often breaking the rules and getting into trouble. How, then, can we make them follow instead of disobeying? Jeffrey Edwards invites...... Read More

Delivering Innovative Solutions Through Service Design Thinking With Marc Bolick

  Although a popular concept, design thinking is still somewhat of a mystery to a lot of people. Design thinking is defined as an iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions...... Read More

Effective Leadership Through Coaching And Mentoring

  Part of a leader’s role is to identify talent and have a strategic plan or vision for the organization, and that includes developing the people. In this episode, Jeffrey Edwards talks about mentoring and coaching as two essential elements...... Read More

What If…?: Powerful Questions That Bring About Great Answers

  The power of asking questions is often overlooked in the leadership sphere. What distinguishes great leaders and visionaries is their ability to ask great questions which bring them to a world of possibility and opportunity. All great ideas start...... Read More

Elevating Awareness And Support Through Discovering Your Heroic Voice With Anthony Lee

  A study by LinkedIn shows that one of the top skills required going forward is oral communications. For many leaders taking the stage though, it’s still a challenge to keep people awake and engaged during their presentations. On today’s...... Read More

Managing Transitions Successfully

  Change, without doubt, is the only constant in this world. It is one of the biggest things that leaders must tackle every day. In this episode, host Jeffrey Edwards talks about leaders, change, and transitions. He explains how leaders...... Read More