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‘Discovering Your Heroic Voice’ With Anthony Lee

A study by LinkedIn shows that one of the top skills required in the workplace is oral communications. But for many leaders, taking to the stage is still a challenge — let alone keeping people awake and engaged during their...... Read More

Managing Transitions Successfully

Change is, without doubt, the only constant in this world — and it’s one of the biggest things that leaders must tackle every single day. In this episode, I explore how leaders can learn to navigate different phases of transition...... Read More

The Pillars Of Authentic Leadership

Being true to yourself helps people clearly understand the way you think, and what you want to achieve. But how exactly can authentic leadership be achieved? I’m your host Jeffrey Edwards, and this is the premiere episode of my podcast,...... Read More

Working With Jerks: Managing Difficult Relationships In The Workplace With Eric Williamson

  Nobody wants to work with a jerk. As a leader, you cannot achieve your singular vision without the help of your people, jerks included. You need to build relationships with everyone in the workplace. Some of them may be...... Read More

Improving Your Team With Proper Work Delegation

  A team is built with a leader setting a goal, but it can only move towards that if every member works at their best. Jeffrey Edwards discusses the proper way to do work delegation, an important factor in every...... Read More

Tammy Washington De Sencion On Embracing A Learner’s Mindset In A Career Transition

  Bringing all of your knowledge and experiences from one job to the next will make your journey to the next level fulfilling and worthwhile. But another essential attitude to have during a career transition is to revert into a...... Read More

How To Lead A Team In A Work From Home Environment With Darlana Lee

  With the pandemic, working from home has become the norm for most people. But Darlana Lee is not most people, she has been working from home 15 years before it was cool. Darlana is the Leader of the Global Facilitator Team...... Read More