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How do you set your direction towards success, prosperity, and good physical and mental health? The most important thing that you can do to make that possible is to reset your mindset – to make a shift in how you see yourself and how show up for the world. Author, speaker, trainer, and Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik drives this message home in this conversation with Jeffrey Edwards. Mark’s insights are what we exactly need to be able to rock it in this time of constant change. Prepare to show up in your best and attract incredible things into your life. Listen in to learn where to start!

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Reset Your Mindset – Move Forward To Success, Prosperity And Health With Mark Yuzuik

It’s wonderful to be spending this time with you and always a pleasure and privilege to have guests drop into the show. This is one of those opportunities to sit down and have a conversation with someone that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It seems like we’ve known each other for years. The experiences that we’ve had together, the learning we’ve had, the people we’ve met have felt a full lifetime of stories and memories that will definitely last for a long time. Mark Yuzuik is an author, a speaker, a trainer, and a performer. His background covers a lot of different areas in regard to human development and mindset. He has spent a good part of his career as he established a big and large following through his work, through hypnosis, and through some of the main shows he’s done, over 10,000 shows around the world.

He has traveled across continents. He has been exposed to countless cultures, people, ways of life. He brings all those experiences along with him and encapsulates that into teaching, into speaking, and into imparting wisdom and lessons that serve anyone at any time wherever they are in their life or in their career. I thought this would be an opportunity for us to have a conversation with someone about as we are in this time of changed or in a time of flux, what are some of the great strategies that can help you and help us think about resetting? How do we reset our mindset? How do we set our direction that takes us into a place that leads to success, leads prosperity, and also overall good physical and mental health? I bring this man in because I know he’s jumping a bit to get on this call. Welcome to the show, Mr. Mark Yuzuik. How are you doing?

I’m doing awesome. Thank you. I feel like we’ve known each other longer because we have the same energy, goals and mindset when it comes to that. I still remember the first time when I met you, I was intimidated thinking, “I hope Jeffrey likes me.” When you talk about leadership, every single person out there is a leader, regardless of you don’t think you are. A mother is a leader. A child is a leader. Everyone is a leader because we’re all influenced by our personalities, what we have to contribute and all that. I still remember when I was preparing for my seminar. I put myself in the right state of mind because I feel that anybody that wants to take your time, you owe them 100% of what you have to offer and to give. Nothing to prove, something to share.

I still remember sitting in the back where they’re setting up sound and you being on stage, putting yourself in that same energy, that same leadership. I said to myself, “This is a guy that I want to be mentored from.” I want him to mentor me because he doesn’t come across as, “I am the leader here.” You came across as, how do I connect? How do I put myself in the state that says, “We’re going to grow this thing together? We’re going to make it through this weekend and we’re going to rock.” That gave me great confidence knowing that here’s somebody who I was so intimidated making sure I say and do the right thing. Now, I have to get to be myself. I have something to learn. Thank you for that. I know I’ve never told you that. Jeffrey, I’ve always looked up to you like a leader.

Thank you, Mark. I appreciate those kind words. You have been out there changing lives for a number of people. I’ve had the chance to witness people stand up at some of your events and gush over how you have helped them take a new direction. Some people have said that you help them with their weight and their health. They lived on and gone to better health. You’ve helped other people establish strong businesses and help them get over that hump. There are others with who you’ve worked with and help them through their relationships. You help them create stronger bonds and stronger connections with people. When you take a step back and reflect on the work that you’ve done with people’s lives that you’ve impacted, what do you say sometimes? What do you recognize in yourself and say, “I’ve done a lot here?”

I’ve been grateful and blessed. I don’t want to say I’m lucky because I don’t think people are lucky. I think they create their own luck by the decisions they make, who they hang around, how their relationships and how they relate to themselves, as well as others. When I’m on stage or something, there’s a separation. Even when you’re on stage or a mentoring coach, there’s a separation. There’s Jeffrey the husband, the fun guy, the relax guy, and then there’s the coach, the mentor that goes, “It’s game on.” You put yourself in that right state. When I look at that, I go, “Here, I’m a high school dropout. What right do I have to help, teach and mentor somebody that has a higher education?” I always say this, “It’s not your education. It’s your experiences.” I feel that I have a gift. Every one of us has a gift. I tapped into my gift. I love to entertain.

There are a lot of hard work and studying going on. You have to know what patterns and behaviors people are running. If you think about it, whether they want to lose weight, stop smoking, create a relationship, get a better business, whatever that goal is in there that they want to improve and move towards, it only boils down to one thing. How are they relating to themselves and showing up for themselves to make a difference in their life so they can influence others? A lot of times we want other people to do it for us. Nobody can do it for you. When you come from a place where you want to contribute to somebody without ego but for purpose, then how hard you study and prepare for something will meet your expectation. You’ll say things like, “Where did that come from? I didn’t know I knew that.”

TLC 22 | Reset Your Mindset

Reset Your Mindset: Every one of us is a leader. We have nothing to prove but something to share.


It’s all about how people relate to themselves. Even during the pandemic we’re going through. How are people relating? Are some hurting and some flourishing? The answer is yes. It’s where you at and how do you relate. I got off the phone with a gentleman. He wanted to buy a trailer from us. “A trailer? I thought I was an entertainer. I thought I had a sound company. I thought I was a speaker. What’s a trailer got to do with it?” When things happen, you have to do something that’s going to contribute back. I asked him. I said, “I’m not here to sell you a trailer.” He goes, “You don’t understand. It’s my business.” It was because of COVID that he created his own business. He had the right mindset. He goes, “I lost my job but I didn’t lose my income. I can still create something.” Sometimes maybe that’s the greatest thing. I was chatting with him and I said, “I’m not about taking from somebody I’m not contributing to.”

Every one of us have situations. It’s how we handle and how we relate to it. If we want to get down, it’s okay but don’t live there. Tony always says, “Don’t live in your down. Visit and get out.” There’s that country song, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” Everyone goes through that period and we can come out of that thing but we don’t need to park it there. That’s one thing I’ve learned from you, that there’s always a transition. I look at the little board that you created for myself. It’s like, “Now, I can see my opportunity.” Before I had the desire but I didn’t see it. You put it down for me. I’m grateful for that. How do we relate to ourselves? Every one of us are leaders. We need to tap into that place of we have nothing to prove but something to share.

When you come across people that you work within your everyday life, I’m sure you come across the high performers. You also deal with people who are at the start of their career and getting into the rhythm of owning that leadership role. How do you approach one versus the other? What do you see in that transition? How do you go from that person who’s new to that high performer? From your experience, what did you find that worked for people who’ve successfully gone through that transition?

Let’s talk about a leader, somebody like yourself, Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, and any of the leaders out there. A leader is automatically conditioning themselves, him or her to when they wake up and before they get in that position. Whether it’s as a boss or whatever, you’re conditioning your mind and your mindset to celebrate. It’s not what you have to do, but to celebrate. That means you’re focused on what you have to do. Before I get on stage, there are certain songs I may listen, moves I need to make, things I want to read. There are certain things I want to do to condition my body and mind to be in sync. It’s like somebody walks up there and they push you in two fingers and you’re off balance. If you’re standing where you’re strong and you’re in a position where you come from a place of certainty and you know you’re going to be there, nobody can push over, even with two hands because your mind and body are in sync.

A lot of times, the reason we deal with our body is to get it pumped up because it triggers our mind to be creative. A leader will share and go to somebody he wants to influence and say, “This is what I do as a leader to become who I am to be able to mentor you.” The difference is somebody that you’re just mentoring, they don’t know anything about how to condition your mind and body. What you do is you get them started. There’s this video I always liked to play. There are two. I saw it and I forwarded it to a few people. It will make you cry every time. It’s about not winning and being in first place. It’s about following through and continuing. It was this summer Olympics in 1992. Ironically, the same time I started my career when everyone said, “I’ll never make it.” This gentleman was favored to win. What happened was 250 meters, right before he’s getting ready to the finish, he pulled a hamstring. I don’t know if you remember that or not. I’m going to forward you that video.

Jeffrey, when it comes to that, both of us are emotional because it’s about helping somebody else. I remember watching him. He got up and they brought the stretcher and he said no. He got off this stretcher and he picked himself up. He’s hobbling. His father jumps out of the stands. Security stopped them. I get goosebumps talking about it. He goes, “That’s my son. Son, you don’t have to do this.” He said, “Yes, I do.” It’s not the fact that you win first place. It’s the fact that you run your race and it was meant to be. He finished that. The audience stood up. They gave him a standing ovation, not because he won but because he was a winner. I still look at that. As I watched that, I’m like, “It’s not a race we run to win. It’s to make sure we continue to follow through even through the challenges in life.” Maybe that was there. Maybe he had to go through that because there was somebody in the audience who we don’t know that may have said, “I’m disabled. I ought to end my life.”

That man who was guaranteed first place and it was 250 meters away said, “I’m not going to quit. I have every right. Everyone gave me the reason. They even brought on a stretcher and they still respect me. I’m going to finish this race.” Maybe that influenced somebody to say, “I was there for a reason to see this man do that. He was an instrument and a tool for the higher power to be used.” I think every one of us saw that. We look at what happened to us and going, “Maybe it’s supposed to happen.” When I look at that, when I do seminars or when I’m coaching somebody, I’m like, “What race are you wanting to win? Are you running this race because you have a purpose and a goal to make sure it gets finished?” Maybe along the way, there was a journey you made somebody else a difference in their lives so they can have a journey too. I remember sending it to Lloyd. Lloyd started crying and crying because he has Parkinson’s. He goes, “I’m going to keep running. Forget Parkinson’s.”

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I do remember that scene going back years ago. It’s very emotional seeing the father go on the track. He’s taking his son in his arms and helping him run the last 250 meters to the finish line. It’s been a while since I’ve recalled that. As you shared that as well, it brings to light the whole idea behind that feeling of, “I’m falling behind everyone else. Why is it that I’m here? Everyone seems to be further ahead. They’re smarter than me. They’re achieving more.” I’m curious to know your experience. I find that the amplitude of social media puts that FOMO the Fear Of Missing Out or feel like you’re falling behind. Every day you talked about you have to prepare yourself, but it seems like some people may wake up in the day and think, “I’m already behind. I need to catch up.” How do you balance that from your experience?

Stop comparing yourself to people to try and get approval from somebody else. Maybe the place you’re in is supposed to be the place you’re in because that’s going to give you the strongest growth to get a better foundation. Always trying to keep up or compare yourself is a lack of confidence and insecurity. Someone may say, “It’s not true. I’m doing it because I’m inspired by them.” I understand that, then be inspired by them and do the best you can with the tools that you have and open the doors so you can let the right people in. Sometimes you got your doors so locked that you think you got to run your own race. How do you want to get mechanics to fix your car when you’re the only one doing it, when you got to pick up the engine and do everything else? If you invite somebody in and allow that to happen instead of sitting there trying to keep up with somebody, what are you trying to keep up with? Being accepted? Making sure you’re good enough? Don’t people love you for who you already are?

Maybe it’s the person that’s saying, “Why I can’t keep up with them but I can keep up with you.” Maybe you’re their inspiration for somebody else. Maybe you’re supposed to be there. Maybe that’s the gift. If all you’re doing is saying, “It’s the horrible thing. I can’t do this.” What you focus on is what you’re going to get. If that’s what you’re focused on. You don’t think you’re doing the best you can because you’re comparing yourself to somebody else’s opportunity, then I’m never going to be a Jeff Bezos. I’m never going to be a Charles Barkley. Does that mean I can’t enjoy shopping there and watching? I can be part of something.

Where you are in life is supposed to be where you’re supposed to be. Keep pushing but don’t judge yourself because you’re not good enough. Keep striving, surround yourself and open the doors. Maybe there are people in your life that you’re going to need to get a divorce from. In 2020, I got a couple of divorces because they weren’t helping me move forward for me personally. I got a couple of engagements. I’m engaging with new people that helped me move forward best. Maybe that’s the whole back. Maybe you’re with the wrong relationships outside yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

You mentioned that when you were growing up, going to school wasn’t a fun thing for you. If you look back, someone would say that your future was limited based on the education side. You took your life in a different approach and accomplished many successes along the way. What were some of the factors that you feel helped you get to where you are now?

I did compare myself to everybody else in school. I went to a very small school, abusive school. I got straight F’s all through it. They wouldn’t even give me my diploma. They would point the finger, “You’re a loser in life. You’re not going to graduate and you’re not going to get your diploma,” and they thrived on that. You’re thriving on that. I’m always trying to keep up with somebody. I said, “I’m not going to try to keep up with anybody because that’s not my expertise.” I’m not good at what they do in school. I’m not good at what you do as a coach, Jeffrey. I’m only good at what I can do. I allowed that anger instead of being depressed about it. I said, “I’m going to succeed to prove to them that everything they thought about who I am, I was not the person they thought I was going to become.” That’s why I got into real estate so young. I’ve done a couple of thousand deals. Here’s what’s interesting too. I feel that people judge themselves what they can’t do and try to cut you down when you try to aspire to be somebody else.

When I got into real estate, they used to make fun of me. “You’re going to be a real estate guy. You’re going to go to those weekend seminars.” I did. I sold my car because I saved $20 a week in gas to buy a bicycle to ride to school. By then, it was 5 miles. It wasn’t bad. I was young then. It’s a little different. When I got to hypnosis, they go, “You’re going to go hypnotize people. Now you’re going to be a speaker.” Every one of those people are brokers than me. They haven’t been as fulfilled as I have. When I talk about fulfillment, I don’t know how many lives they’ve saved. I’ve done 10,000 shows. I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve tour with Robert Kiyosaki. I was supposed to be on Tony Robbins’ stage. I’ve met Tony and then COVID happened. COVID happened. I lost all my business. No, it’s an experience I get to go through.

TLC 22 | Reset Your Mindset

Reset Your Mindset: Stop comparing yourself to others. The place you’re in is where you are supposed to be because it’s going to give you the strongest growth.


If COVID didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be with you on this show because the opportunity wouldn’t have been there. We’d be back into our complacency and we got out of complacency. Now, we’re thriving in ways that some areas were thriving more, some were not thriving as much yet, but we’re learning. I’m building this thing up. I’m excited. I’m getting to work on my health. My relationship is stronger than it’s ever been. Some didn’t have that. I don’t cover it. They got too close like you and your wife. I love spending time with my wife. I’m not comparing myself to anybody else because they’re better than me at certain things. They’re better in school than me. I don’t have a diploma but I got a hell of an education and experience. My resume doesn’t sit on a wall. It sits on how many people I’ve helped, saved, and influence. That’s a better resume than a plaque. That’s what I look at.

A guy caught me off guard there. It took me back. It gets back to how we measure success. First of all, how we define success and then what are the measurements that we use to evaluate our progress and our accomplishments. You and I have seen over the years how you can get caught up. It’s very easy to caught up into the lifestyle. You can get caught up in the revenue, the fame and fortune. That can be the sole pursuit. It becomes more of an ego trip that is more about making change and being an impact. How do you maintain that balance within yourself? I’m sure that over the years, you’re a star. People would see you and they rushed to you. I’ve seen people gather around you and they love being around you. That proximity is what’s important to them. I know you. It’s less about you being the star. It’s more about you being the helper and the guide.

I appreciate that. I’ve had enough applause that last me several lifetimes. I appreciate every one of them. What I’ve learned is when we’re first starting off in being successful and we’re climbing, I look at two reasons, significance and variety. That’s our drive. We’re doing it because I wanted nice clothes, a Rolex, and a big house. It’s okay. It’s a great feeling. Here’s where life changes for you, two things, when you get older and when you lose everything you have. It brings you back to, “What the freak did I do? Why didn’t I listen to my advice?” I remember in ’08. I lost a lot of money, millions of dollars. I remember some other people lost a lot more. What I realized is their drive was different. It wasn’t based on significance or variety. It was based on certainty. It was making sure that we have to get and we cannot risk anymore.

I have a friend that made $86 million in three years and built a $21 million house, $58,000 a month to live there. I used to stay there. His house is not worth what it cost him to live there based on losing his freedom every day. He sold the house. I’m not going to mention his name. He rents a house for $7,000 a month. He said, “I’m happy than I’ve ever been in my life because I don’t have that house owning me.” He built it for his wife and they liked it. I used to stay there. To me, after 4 or 5 days, it’s the same kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and TV in the living room. The rest of the 30,000 square foot extra that he had that he never used was for what? He realized that. He goes, “I had $30 million cash in the bank making $100,000 a month off the interest for what? Now, I’m back at work again.” He has built it back up and even stronger but his drive was different like my drive. Me and my wife were like, “We should sell our house. We can retire. We can buy a motor home, travel the world, work on our health and enjoy life. Let’s pick four places we want to go, Bora Bora, Paris, Egypt and we’re on Australia.” To me, I’m like, “I loved living in a motor home.”

We’ll buy the house that she wants back in a year or two when we get off the road or whatever. Our priorities have changed. I don’t need a big house for somebody to go, “Look at how successful you are.” Why did you buy the house? Is it so other people can say how successful you are? Are you measured by that instead of how happy and fulfilled you are? To me, I can be at a double and I’d be as happy as can be. I don’t care. Yolanda, she’s a beautiful woman. Since 7 years old to 17, she worked as a Mexican migrant, so she understands. I want to give her a great life.

She’s not materialistic either. It’s more about the relationship and working on what’s important to us, doing events, doing seminars, connecting with people and growing. That’s why you and I stayed so close. It’s because we not only keep each other accountable but we have the same values, morals and standards. Get people out of your life that think you should have all those things and have people appreciate who you are, and what you have to offer instead of what you own. That’s what I love about losing things because what I’ve gained back with so much more in reality.

Someone say that the loss of things wasn’t so much a loss. It was more emptying a space for new things to take its place.

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It’s a great way to put it. I could have said and get a rap of all that, but it’s what you just said. That’s what I meant. It was what Jeffrey said. We all get along with each other.

Mark, as we look at the full summary of everything we’ve talked about here. What advice would you give to people who are in leadership roles who have been going through this change and transition? You talked about at the start that we have to take care of ourselves first before we can start taking care of others. What would you say to those leaders? How can they best prepare themselves to be the influencers and the catalyst for others to grow as we look forward to the next years ahead?

Instead of giving anybody advice, because when you give them advice, sometimes they take it, sometimes they don’t. I would give them a suggestion if they want to have some improvement. As a mentor and a coach, we suggest things. I would suggest that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is realize what your assets are, not what your liabilities are. What are your assets in life? That doesn’t mean how much money you have in the bank. It’s, “I can walk. I have my health. I got connections. I got relationships. I’ve got all these things.”

If you focus more on your liabilities than your assets, then that’s what you’re going to attract in your life. I would strongly suggest when you wake up, you celebrate, be happy and grateful. Do the little things for the people you care about in life that you used to do when you first try and impress them. You do it not because it’s expected but because you appreciate them. Your relationships will grow and people will see that. You’ll attract the right people into your relationships, which is what you need to do. When you relate right, that ship will sail in the direction that you want.

The suggestion I would give to people is to condition your mind and body. If you need to wake up and watch that video from 1992, do it. If you want to see Courtney Hadwin when she was thirteen years old on America’s Got Talent, thinking she’s going to get X’s. She gets the Golden Buzzer because she learned to condition herself to be extremely shy and humble and, “Nobody will love me,” but when she started singing, she became that rock star instantly. You flip that switch as an entertainer. As a mentor or coach, we flip the switch when it’s time to go to work. It’s no longer about us. It’s about this is a gift. This is a talent we were given. You’d better show up. We’ve studied. We worked hard long enough. How you wake up is going to determine how your day is going to go. If you wake up feeling crap, that’s how you’re going to handle the day.

I would strongly suggest people get into a routine. My office is conditioned with NLP things all over. They want me to take all these pictures and posters down because I handwrite them on there. They want to make sure that it’s photoed right. Staging off is crazy. I’ll take them down but it’s going back up because what goes in my mind is by choice, not by default. I’m not going to get up and see what the news says. I’m going to get up and create my own news. What do I want going into my head because what goes into my head, it comes out? My suggestion is to create your news, stop being a follower. Be somebody that influences so you can give yourself suggestions to move forward and influence others in a positive way. Celebrate what you have. Celebrate the time we have. Who knows how much time we got? We don’t know that.

Mark, as always, you bring the wisdom and the experience of yours every time we get together. I’m always learning new things from you every time we get to chat. I’m looking forward to the next time we can do it in person and enjoy those long conversations over the sunsets out in the Nevada desert out where you’re at. It’d be a lot warmer than where I am but that’s a whole other story. Thank you, Mark, for being here on the show. If people want to find out more about you and about where you’re at, what would be a good place for people to go?

TLC 22 | Reset Your Mindset

Reset Your Mindset: As a mentor or coach, we flip the switch when it’s time to go to work. It’s no longer about us.


They can go to my website, which is and also They can email me any questions or anything like that. We’ve got several programs. I’m creating brand new programs all the time. Before this, I had moved my 12:00 to 11:00 because I wanted to be on this show. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. It’s about us getting new programs out there. We’ve got a COVID- free program that we’re offering for people for free because a lot of people are stressed out about it. The bottom line is if we pretend like it doesn’t exist, then we’re lying to ourselves. COVID happened, stress is out there, how do we handle it?

Knowing how to handle that is more powerful than pretending like it doesn’t exist and repressing it. We offered that as a free gift. If there are any questions, please reach out and email me. I respond to all my emails personally. I’d love to support you in any way I can. Also, remember this, If I’m calling you, then I want you to be a mentor for me as well. I think it’s not what you can take, it’s what we can share together. The most important thing is everybody has value out there. It’s not what’s in it for you. It’s what’s in it for both of us. That’s the only thing I ask.

Thank you again for being a part of our show.

Jeffrey, thank you. Anytime, I’ll be here. I’ll move appointments to be with anything you need. Thank you so much. Big hugs to you and your wife.

Thank you. Take care.

That brings us to the end of this episode. Thank you to Mark Yuzuik for being our guest here. Thank you for making time to make this show a part of your day. We look forward to connecting with you next time. Until then, be good and lead well.

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