What Clients Have Shared…

Jeffrey has the talent to guide people in a positive direction, regardless of their area of expertise. Where once I required the leadership of others, his guidance has positioned me as a leader for others. I will be forever grateful for the everlasting impact his coaching has had on my career.

Zubin Sethna
Investor, Author

I am so grateful you’ve been my coach. You have truly been a great coach for me and I’m so thankful for all you helped me to achieve in the time we worked together! I look forward to working with you again soon.

Jennifer Kauffman
Best-Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker

I needed help to get organized with my life and business. I found the experience working with Jeffrey profound, uplifting, educational and eye-opening. If you want to be organized and clear what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve anything in your life, contact Jeffrey.

Emily Ramdass
Entrepreneur, Aliments Ramdas

Jeffrey is a great mentor, especially at a time of deep change, deep transmutation.

The questions, I would say, the Wisdom questions, helped me to get out some deep loops I had that was keeping me to see clearly, to see my next great mountain to climb.

Jeffrey is like the ocean, a rhythm, waves that always come back. Always coming back to the objectives, actions, realizations, engagement. Always there, always engaged. Not pushy, but standing with wisdom and trust.

His type of mentorship gave me room to let my entrepreneur DNA grow on solids foundations, robust intentions, clear vision.

I own a company, I published a book, I am currently building in collaboration with my website to become a digital publisher, I have programs that sell. This is great.

Cynthia Samson
Founder and CEO, CIAM3 Group Project Inc.

Before working with Jeffrey Edwards, I was stressed, unsure of how to take my ideas and put them into an event. With Jeffrey’s coaching, I was able to get clear on my content and created my first successful event. If you have great ideas but aren’t sure how to implement them into your business, Jeffrey is the perfect coach!

Tammy Washington
Trainer, Speaker  

Here I was, an ex-special operations soldier and an entrepreneur with apathy. That was the path I was on when I met Jeffrey Edwards. I had no interest or joy in my current or future life paths, I was on a path for the sake of just being on a path.

The greatest thing Jeffrey gave me during our sessions was perspective and clarity. The perspective of my achievements, the clarity of my goals, and the values and joys that come with them.

I’m proud to say since working with Jeffrey I have started two new businesses (one a hedge fund), striven to get back in shape by understanding the power of coaching and hiring a personal trainer, and have reentered the dating pool with perspective on who it is I’m looking for. There won’t be a decision I make that doesn’t include Jeffrey’s voice in the back of my head from now on and for that, I’m grateful to him and his coaching.

Vance Rodgers

Jeffrey is a very well balanced, highly knowledgeable business coach and mentor. Furthermore, he is an incredible speaker and delivers great value. I have personally learned to be more specific and clear as I have been working along the side of Jeffrey and working with him. His method of mentoring is non-intrusive, calm and right to the point! I highly appreciate Jeffrey and recommend him for C-Level mentoring, speaking and masterminding!

Brigitta Hoeferle
Founder of The Montessori School of Cleveland • Certified Educator & Business Coach • Self Development Trainer

As a coach, not only did Jeffrey provide structure and hold me accountable for my actions but he provided insights and realizations that I would not have seen otherwise. As a result, I have thought about my business and personal/professional growth in new ways resulting in more leads and opening my mind to new possibilities. I highly recommend Jeffrey as a business coach.

Jason Jerald, PhD
VR Consultant

Jeffrey is an amazingly intuitive coach who can quickly introduce you to your true self and help you create a path to success. He will do exactly what he says he will do. He will help you cut through your story and get down to business so that you can discover and achieve your real potential. I will forever be grateful for my association with Jeffrey.

Karl Jensen
Founder: Discover Your Inner Truth

I had the pleasure of working on a number of projects with Jeffrey and he always exhibited persistence and a very high standard for quality in the projects. Jeffrey was always supportive and encouraging of his peers and serves as a great motivator and support during difficult tasks.

Sean Miles
President of ThinkFx Consulting