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Reset Your Mindset – Move Forward To Success, Prosperity And Health With Mark Yuzuik

How do you set your direction towards success, prosperity, and good physical and mental health? The most important thing that you can do is to reset your mindset. In this episode, author, speaker, trainer and Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik shares...... Read More

Imposter Syndrome: How To Dispel This Major Obstacle To Personal Growth

Countless leaders deal with imposter syndrome, which is a major obstacle to our own success. Aiming to eliminate this unhealthy thinking, I share how to deal with this issue, from simple journaling exercises to looking inward, resisting the unnecessary feeling...... Read More

Andrew Kap On Learning Consistency Through Successful Habits

Successful habits are never formed by pushing yourself to the limit. If you do, you’ll just lose interest and stop. Author Andrew Kap believes that the best way to start rewarding habits is by determining all of the things you...... Read More

Tene Knibbs On Her Life-Changing Leadership Journey

Tene Knibbs knows that leaders are nothing without a team that trusts them. In this episode, Tene reminisces about her time in Chile as a young, Black woman, who learned how to lead by connecting with the people around her. Tene...... Read More

Business Leadership In These Trying Times With Aaron Scott Young – Part 2

Entrepreneurship and business leadership are two different things — but the principles of the latter are going to be what gets your business through challenging times. In the second part of my conversation with business leader and entrepreneur, Aaron Scott...... Read More

The Art Of Negotiation: Asking More For What You Want In Business With Christine McKay 

A crucial part of being a business leader is knowing how to negotiate. It’s where opportunities get tapped, deals are made, and relationships are created. So how do you become a good negotiator? In this episode, I speak with global...... Read More

Leading In The Frontlines: With The Emergency Doctor Who Would Keep You Out Of The ER, Dr. Robert Ealy

The emergency department is full of heroes, but Dr. Robert Ealy goes one step further. Based in Indiana, he has been leading the frontlines for over 30 years, both inside the emergency room and out. Robert sees to it that...... Read More

Transforming Minds, One Episode At A Time With Cesar Berrio

What would you do if you knew you had the knowledge that could change the lives of countless people? Colombian entrepreneur and podcaster Cesar Berrio has made it his life’s mission to spread his message through the popular Spanish-language personal...... Read More

Business Leadership In These Trying Times With Aaron Scott Young – Part 1

Even if entrepreneurship runs in your blood, to make it in the long-term, you need the proper mindset. Business leader and entrepreneur, Aaron Scott Young, joined me for a two-part interview series to talk about what it takes to be...... Read More