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Andrew Kap On Learning Consistency Through Successful Habits

  Successful habits are never formed by pushing yourself to the limit. If that is the case, then you will just lose interest eventually and cease doing a particular activity. Author Andrew Kap believes that the best way to start...... Read More

Tene Knibbs On Her Life-Changing Leadership Journey

  Leaders will be nothing without a team that trusts them. Tene Knibbs attests to this fact as she shares how her own leadership journey molded her as a person. Together with Jeffrey Edwards, Tene reminisces on her time in Chile...... Read More

Business Leadership In These Trying Times With Aaron Scott Young – Part 2

  Entrepreneurship and business leadership are two different things, as we have learned in the previous episode. The principles of the latter are going to be what gets your business through in these challenging times. What do we need to...... Read More

The Art Of Negotiation: Asking More For What You Want In Business With Christine McKay 

  One crucial part of being a business leader is negotiations. It is where opportunities get tapped, deals are made, and relationships are created. So how do you become a good negotiator? In this episode, global business negotiation strategist, Christine...... Read More

Leading In The Frontlines: With The Emergency Doctor Who Would Keep You Out Of The ER, Dr. Robert Ealy

  The emergency department is full of heroes, but Dr. Robert Ealy goes even one step further. Leading in the frontlines for over 30 years both inside the emergency room and out, Robert sees to it that people are not just...... Read More

Transforming Minds, One Episode At A Time With Cesar Berrio

  What would you do if you knew you had the knowledge that has the potential to change the lives of countless people? Colombian entrepreneur and podcaster, Cesar Berrio takes it as his life’s mission to spread that message through the...... Read More

Business Leadership In These Trying Times With Aaron Scott Young – Part 1

  Even though you feel like being an entrepreneur is something that already runs in your blood, you still have to have the proper mentality to tackle whatever it is you will face in the actual field. Business leader entrepreneur, Aaron...... Read More

Leadership In The New Normal With Dr. Elena Pezzini

  Good leaders literally meet people wherever they’re at. One of their top qualities includes staying neutral – that is, accepting of all politics, religions, beliefs, cultures, and races. Joining Jeffrey Edwards on today’s podcast is Dr. Elena Pezzini, an...... Read More

Building A Tribe Of Visionary Leaders With Emi Kirschner

  Leadership is all about the impact you make in the world and the people you are able to help with your vision. Business coach, Emi Kirschner maximizes this impact by building a tribe of leaders, teaching them how to be like her...... Read More